VIP Care Care Program

How would you like over $500 in repairs and maintenance for just $159.95?

Keeping your car in good running condition can be expensive. At R&R Auto & Marine, we want to help ease that cost and keep your vehicle running longer.

We’re excited to announce our new VIP Car Care Club. It’s a new program we developed to help you save hundreds of dollars on the auto repair services that you’ll need over the next year to keep your car running strong.

VIP Car Care Club
The Perks of Membership

FREE – 4 Oil Changes – Conventional OR Synthetic up to 6 Quarts (A $240.00 Value)

FREE – Check Engine Light Diagnosis ($45.00 Value)

FREE – Air Conditioning System Check ($79.95 Value)

FREE – 1 Pair of Wiper Blades (Up to a $28.95 Value)

FREE – 112 Point Vehicle Inspection ($89.95 Value)

FREE – 1 Day Car Rental (with service over $200.00)

FREE – Tow with Repairs over $100.00 (Value up to $100.00)

$40.00 off – Timing Belt Replacement

$30.00 off – Any Flush

VIP Warranty on most of the services on your car (For as long as you’re a member)

These savings come to over $500.00 if you use all of the services.

However, even if you only get the oil changes, you’ve still more than made up for the annual price of $159.95!

Your membership isn’t just good for one car, either. You can use it on any car that comes in on your service record. That means you can help out a friend or family member with no problem!

By the way, it’s also a great gift for anyone you know that owns a car!

Why all the savings?

The simple answer is that we want you to keep a regular maintenance program on your car. The more often you bring your car in for standard maintenance, like oil changes, the better chance we have of identifying a problem that could leave you stranded roadside before it becomes a problem. When we can do that, we can help keep you and your family a little safer.

Regular maintenance also allows us to honor our VIP Warranty, which extends for the lifetime of your vehicle (as long as you’re a member).

We’re not sure if you realized this additional added benefit either. By becoming a VIP Club member, you no longer have to search for those oil change specials and discount coupons. You’ve got the best specials already available to you, whenever you need them!

What are you waiting for? It’s time to sign up and start getting your benefits right away!