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Lora B

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! This place really delivered and saved me $5000.00!! Heres my story: For about 3 months or so my old mechanic (that I thought I could trust) told me that I basically needed a whole new engine for my 06 Ford GT V8 Mustang. According to ComTires, my cam sensors needed replacing, my timing belt, cylinder 3, fuel injector, on top of about 10 or 15 extra codes. They told me there is no point putting any money to replace it that I need a whole new motor. I have been up there about 20 times in the last 3 months to get them to look deeper and figure out if I can replace what is actually wrong, they kept on telling me no and insisted that I get a new motor. Well, I need to thank my lucky stars (because who has 5000 just sitting around) I was referred to R & R Auto and Marine by the wonderful Mrs. Irene Hensley because her grandson worked here. My mom had told her what was going on with my car and she sent me over to R&R and said they would take care of me (DON LUGO c/o 09!) I dropped my car off early Friday morning to see if they can check to see what exactly could be wrong. They called and said a bunch of the same things and codes came up, HOWEVER!, LOW AND BEHOLD they ACTUALLY TOOK THE TIME TO LOOK IN MY CAR AND DO THE JOB THEY PROMISED ME THEY WOULD DO come to find out, all it was was my cam sensor and minor little things. Walked away EXTREMELY SATISFIED, car was driving like brand new and only paid $600 for everything!! I will only be coming to R&R Auto and Marine from here on out and to top it off, THEY DO EVERYTHING!! and have the best referrals. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART JEFF AND PAUL AND ALL OF R&R AUTO!!! BTW: because of everything working out the way it did, they told me to buy a lotto ticket. Here’s to winning the the Mega Millions!!

Nicole A

Great people! Highly recommended 🙂 they always have a smile and the prices are great as well

Emily P

I just want to thank the guys at R&R. My car is running Great. And a fantastic deal. They treat you like family. Thank you again!!!

Lisa P

I brought my van in for an oil change and R&R went above and beyond that to make sure my Van had everything it needed and I had piece of mind.
These guys are amazing! And I will be referring them to everyone I know ☺ you guys are truly a blessing, at least for me you are.

Heather R

Just got my truck back from RR auto and marine and I have to say I love my truck all over again! Jeff and Paul were really awesome guys and totally helped with EVERY problem my truck had. I definitely recommend them!

Tawnya S

I honestly can’t thank you guys enough for helping my son out with the problems he’s had with his Mustang! We certainly will be returning for future services and will highly recommend you to anyone looking for an honest and trustworthy mechanic.

Michael M

Paul has always done a fantastic job of taking care of my cars. I recommend everyone that needs a quality, straightforward mechanic to go to R&R.